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    Kayapo people of Brazil, 1984.

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    Siamese Cat ~ artist Yelena Bryksenkova

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  9. "The arrowhead,
    which I found beside the river,
    was glittering and pointed.
    I picked it up, and said,
    “Now, it’s mine.”
    I thought of showing it to friends.
    I thought of putting it—such an imposing trinket—
    in a little box, on my desk.
    Halfway home, past the cut fields,
    the old ghost
    stood under the hickories.
    “I would rather drink the wind,” he said,
    “I would rather eat mud and die
    than steal as you steal,
    than lie as you lie.”"
    — Mary Oliver, The Arrowhead (via arpeggia)
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    Cat on Constantine’s Foot, Palatine Museum, Rome

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    Herb Ritts, Esther Canadas, Givenchy A/W 1998/’99

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    Antoine Vérard, L’Art de Bien Vivre et de Bien Mourir (The Art of Living Well and of Dying Well), c. 1494.

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    Stefan Eggeler, Der Spielmann und der Teufel im verwunschenen Schloss, 1920

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