3. "The arrowhead,
    which I found beside the river,
    was glittering and pointed.
    I picked it up, and said,
    “Now, it’s mine.”
    I thought of showing it to friends.
    I thought of putting it—such an imposing trinket—
    in a little box, on my desk.
    Halfway home, past the cut fields,
    the old ghost
    stood under the hickories.
    “I would rather drink the wind,” he said,
    “I would rather eat mud and die
    than steal as you steal,
    than lie as you lie.”"
    — Mary Oliver, The Arrowhead (via arpeggia)
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    Cat on Constantine’s Foot, Palatine Museum, Rome

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    Herb Ritts, Esther Canadas, Givenchy A/W 1998/’99

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    Antoine Vérard, L’Art de Bien Vivre et de Bien Mourir (The Art of Living Well and of Dying Well), c. 1494.

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    Stefan Eggeler, Der Spielmann und der Teufel im verwunschenen Schloss, 1920

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    Fanfares 1972

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    Jacob Riis     Keep Off The Grass, New York City     c.1890

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    Vladimir Antaki

    The Guardians

    THE GUARDIANS was born from my desire to document and pay tribute to these people, these “guardians of urban temples” that we meet everyday without really noticing.

    My approach is based on a principle of hazardous perambulation in every city that I visit. The initial idea is to have no more benchmark and enter spontaneously in places where the visual attraction is strong. I like to see every city as a maze in which I enjoy getting lost and finding these treasures.

    These places are sometimes magical, overloaded with elements, colours and stories, guarded by these characters who are sometimes touching, funny, quirky, and at times frightening. 
    The photos that I take are often the only memory that this “Guardian” will have of him/herself in theirdaily environment. This photo can be the only visual record of the existence of this place, the only photographic memory.
    People pay less and less attention to their environment. They are always in a hurry, they don’t take the time to spend time with one another. Unfortunately, these places will one day no longer be around. This is one of the reasons that compelled me to want to document these “guardians”.

    So far, I’ve visited 9 cities (Montreal, New York, Las Vegas, Paris, Vienna, Berlin, London, Amsterdam, Beirut) and photographed nearly 250 Guardians.
    Each picture is taken during my first encounter with the “Guardian”. Once contact is established, a link is created or not. Sometimes I leave with a small gift from the person, an anecdote, or just their portrait .
    A photographic moment based on a brief exchange with these individuals. I try to make the audience feel the personality of the place and the owner.

    I’m interested in the relationship between the environment and the attitude of the Guardians, how they position themselves in space. I become the director of their universe. I show them their day to day life through my eye and my camera.
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    A wild caracal lynx stares down the lens of Dale Morris’s hidden camera near his home in Western Cape, South Africa


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    Kelvin Huy - Bọ Ngựa

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    ライオンの木 TREE OF LION

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